S.T.E.M. Initiatives for Manatee Bay Elementary
Robotics/Makers Lab
Thanks to Lisa Milenkovic of our District STEM Department and Greg Miller from Ultimate Software we have the beginnings of our own Robotics/Makers Lab. We are in the process of converting Portable 8 into a lab classroom whereby all our STEM classes can go in and learn basic programming.  Students will be able to program WeDo lego robotics, Green City stations and Competitive packages.  Already we have had a walking field trip to Cypress Bay to learn SCRATCH, which is free to everyone. Check it out at Scratch.MIT.edu. Thank you to Tiffani Slutsky, extraordinary Computer Teacher for having our students over to learn the program!
GLOBE Program
GLOBE stands for Global Learning Observations to Benefit the Environment. Citizen Science comes alive through this program! K-5 students will do environmental studies known as protocols. They will record data and submit online. Their data becomes part of a worldwide research studies conducted by international scientists.
Come watch us grow! Each grade level has a small plot of land where they can grow crops recommended through the Florida Ag in the classroom program. Thanks to NSU a partnership with NSU, we are also bringing Science Alive to 2nd grade STEM classes and having gardening partners come help us plant! Also, Victor Suarez from Broward NatureScape has helped get our butterfly garden in shape!
Florida History Museum
Fourth grade is doing a year long Problem Based Learning Project. As part of that project we are setting up Portable 10 as our own on-site museum. Through a partnership with FAU and the Florida Archeology Network, we are creating a space where all our students can come learn about our remarkable state! In addition, our students will have a place to showcase their projects and exhibits. Thanks again to Victor Suarez for his conducting a Florida Symbols workshop for all our 4th grade kids. And, another thanks goes out to Toni Marconi from the Johnson History Museum in Palm Beach for coming out and presenting free of charge, the Ancient Peoples program. We look forward to a return visit in January entitled Florida Pioneers.
PBL Projects Showcased!
I know you’ve seen and heard about the Rachel Supnick/Perez Class American Kestrel Project, but what you don’t know is the details. Our class is doing a yearlong study of migratory bird groups in this area with special emphasis on the American Kestrel. We are making 28 nesting boxes that are being placed throughout the state, with the permission of Wildlife organizations. Our purpose is to see if we can reintroduce nesting colonies of Kestrels back into areas of Florida. To this end we are working with Ken Meyers a scientist from Gainsville and the Cornell Ornithology department to learn how to conduct usable scientific studies. We are also going to the Sawgrass Nature Center for a program on birds . In the Spring we are extending this program into the realm of STEAM! We are adding the arts! Members of our class have written original piano pieces, learned musical pieces,  created magnificent art work and video clips that we are going to turn into CD’s.  Details for the date of the performance will come shortly!
STEM needs You!
We encourage parents and community members to volunteer in our programs
Please contact
Andrea Perez for overall questions about our STEM program
Lisa Weingartner for Robotics info
Lisa Leider for FCAT Science info
Manatee Bay Elementary STEM Student Rachel Supnick Wins Channel 10 Summer of Service Award for her passion for animals and wildlife. Rachel is a student in Mrs. Andrea Perez's 4th grade class.Kristi Krueger from Channel 10 presents award to her at our School.
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